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Refund Policy

Return and exchange conditions

The product will be exchanged only if it has a factory defect. If you wish to exchange the product, please contact the company via e-mail and inform about the exchange of the product. In order to exchange the product, it is necessary to fully comply with the following conditions:

In order to change the product, the customer must present the invoice number and proof of payment in the form of an SMS from the bank or a bank statement.

• Before handing over the products, the customer is obliged to make sure that there is no external damage to the package, which may be caused by improper transportation of the products.
• The product is considered delivered from the moment of signing with the courier.
• After handing over the product, inspect its inner and outer surface, in case of damage, inform us within 24 hours and provide us with a confirming photo, video material.
• Products can be exchanged for other products of the same or higher value by adding money.

Warranty conditions

• Warranty period of product contents – 1 year.

The warranty period is calculated from the date of delivery of the item by the user.

The product will not be replaced and the warranty conditions will not apply to it if:

• The warranty period has expired.
• The product shows signs of physical damage.
• The product set is not fully presented.
• The product was not used according to its intended purpose.
• If there is another circumstance that excludes the seller’s responsibility.

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