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Get comfortable

“Balishi” is a variety of furniture that will change the style of your rest; it is filled with furniture foam and is as essential as a warm hug. When you are sitting on it repeats the shape of the body and allows your muscles to relax. If computer games fascinate you, you have to spend a lot of time in the office or you have a busy schedule “Balishi” will make your life easier. It is the most simply adaptable and flexible furniture: the surface can be changed according to the season and washed in a washing machine; you can adjust the size to your space; it is effortless to move it around and it fits in any size entrance.

Find cozyness everywhere

The “Balishi” is designed to be the easy to move softness that we all need and are looking for. “Balishi” will help you to find peace and energy during a busy day at the office. It allows your body to quickly relax, which will help you to get to work with great vitality. You can place the medium model “Balishi” in: living spaces, children’s rooms, offices, hotel rooms or lounge, studio-type houses, co-working spaces, cinemas, computer gaming corners, libraries, cottages, wherever you are looking for comfort, calmness and coziness. “Balishi ” is filled with furniture foam which does not change shape over the years and therefore does not cause you discomfort.

Do it calmly

“Balishi” gives you an incentive to bring peace into your life. You will be able to perform duties without tension and solve problems camly; you can read an interesting book or fall asleep with a loved one, watch a tv series in a relaxed manner and review the news. “Balishi” will help you to take care of both your physical and psychological lightness.

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