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The biggest advantage of “block” is that it allows you to adapt it perfectly to the environment you want. It doesn’t matter if you arrange the living space in a studio apartment, in a hotel or office. Its convenient size allows for maximum maneuverability. You can choose the material and color of the surface as you wish. If you want to arrange the interior in calm colors, you will use a monochrome colored surface and if you are attracted to experiments and variety, we will help you to color it up and play with textiles. You can change the surface depending on the season, keep the fluffy materials for cold days and use a thin, cool one for hot days. Maybe you want to change the color of the wall or change the style of the interior, in this case, a changeable surface of massive furniture will be a great advantage for you. Our goal is to give maximum freedom to your will and to help you to express yourself in your space. If your point of view changes, “block” will transform with you.

At every stage of life

It will be easiest for you to move the “block” if you want to give it to your loved ones for a present or you often change the place of living. You can add “blocks” to each other over time until you get the shape and size you are looking for. This type of furniture is designed so that you can be as involved as possible in arranging your comfort and to adjust it to your space simply. The frame is made of wood, which ensures the stability of the “block”; A fluffy foam will be responsible for its flimsiness.

Make it easier

We really want to break the stereotypes related to massive furniture: it’s difficult to move it! Cleaning its surface is a lot of trouble! It’s expensive and you can’t replace it often! Our “block” will reach you as easily as possible, without unnecessary complications and will light up your interior. It can be brought into the building through any size door. It won’t create a problem either on the stairs or in the elevator. Is the surface getting dirty? Remove it easily with a zipper and wash it in the washing machine; it will be as clean as it was at first. Change the surface whenever you want, adjust it to your taste and interests

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